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Welcome to my Book Web Site.

I am very pleased that you decided to have a look in here.  I hope you will visit the pages about my books at  I See You in My Dreams,  My Shorts and An Ominous Discovery;

Also read the story behind 'I See You in My Dreams' at  story behind the book.  

If you wish to know something about me, where I am from and view some photographs please check the page All About Me 

There are substantial excerpts from my books at  Excerpt from 'I See You in My Dreams', Excerpt from 'My Shorts' and Excerpt from 'An Ominous Discovery' which I hope you will read.  If you like the excerpt I hope you will buy the book to get the exciting conclusion.  If not perhaps you will return again to see what else I have been writing.  All my books are erotica free stories. There is a good bit of pure romance which has very mild clean sex, but certainly I would not consider them sensual stories although the individuals themselves may be to a certain extent sensual. The novel summaries cover mainly the early part of the books as I did not wish to give too much away and spoil the enjoyment.  

Please enjoy your visit.

Before you leave, I would appreciate your comments and hope you will sign my guestbook and also let me know where you are from by putting a pin in my guestmap on my Home Page.   


Purchasing my books

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